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Welcome to the Berlin Movie Booster Club

We are a non-profit grassroots movie studio.

We are taking a leap of faith to boost emerging artists. We are a collaborative community where we discover new voices in film, where ideas flourish and talents are nurtured. Our mission is to break down the entry barriers of feature filmmaking.

How We Help

  • Volunteer Contributions: We help filmmakers finding their audiences far and wide, and help spread the word and do their marketing.
  • Financial Support: For Berlin-based micro-budget feature films, we provide 10,000 € for expenses.
  • Functional Aid: We connect both our members and our filmmakers with mentors and in-kind support.

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Great, meaningful art requires the willingness to take risks. Big studios, streamers, and even public film funding may worry about sure successes, but we want to see more interesting movies in cinemas. Therefore, we opt to refuse project security by default: We don’t ask for track records, stars involved, proven concepts, and sure-fire target audiences.

Many interesting projects are being made anyways, so our mission is to help them get the attention they deserve. We need more people to go to cinemas again for reasons other than watching franchise sequels, because cinema can be so much, and so fulfilling. And a rich, diverse and valued film scene helps cultural quality in general.

Our first model project – on which we test and fine-tune our system – is a Berlin-based micro-budget feature film, an arthouse drama about two foreigners stranded in Berlin, by a Ukrainian-Peruvian filmmaker duo. Read more about the project Haven’t Seen Birds In A While.

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