In an ideal world, decisions are less dependend on a sense of security, but instead are driven by what is best for the issue.

We want to see a future where creatives are judged less by their track record, networking abilities or "bankability", and more by their potential. Talent and enthusiasm should be fostered and bolstered with craft.

In an ideal world, this association will not exist anymore, because it will not be needed. Until then, we exist to help voices being heard that are currently shunted.

Society at large benefits indirectly from our work. By nurturing a wide array of creative voices and visions, we enrich the cultural landscape, offering audiences diverse and innovative artistic experiences. This contributes to an increase in artistic diversity, enhancing the cultural fabric of our community.

Our primary beneficiaries are the emerging artists and the volunteers who contribute to their success. By offering resources and support, we empower these creatives and volunteers, helping them to develop their skills, professionalize their craft, and earn recognition in their respective fields.


Our mission is to take a leap of faith with our filmmakers.

Our mission is to empower emerging audiovisual artists in Berlin by providing them with the necessary funding and promotional support to professionally create and showcase their work. We aim to eventually connect these new talents with the established film and media production industry, helping them overcome challenges related to resources and platforms.

Our organization comprises two key elements:

  • a collaborative team of volunteers who work on financing, marketing, and distribution, and
  • a legal entity, a booster club, responsible for managing monetary donations. As a charitable association, the booster club is able to issue tax-deductible receipts, ensuring effective fund management and support for our artists.

We value each member of our community, whether they contribute through financial donations or volunteer work.

  • Financial contributors receive regular updates on the impact of their donations, exclusive invitations to film screenings, and opportunities to meet the artists they support.
  • Volunteers are recognized through a structured program that includes professional development opportunities, mentorship, networking events, and platforms to showcase their contributions. We ensure that every volunteer has the space to grow, learn, and shine.