To get Filmmaker status with us, you first need to become a full Volunteer member.

In addition to your Volunteer responsibilities, you should then:

  • have a proposal for a micro-budget feature film project, to be produced mainly in Berlin
  • in case of selection, are able to produce that project within a year
  • have made two short films (presentable to our members, but not necessarily released on festivals or such)
  • have no working relations with the film industry, which would enable you to finance your film within the industry

Projected Project Progress

  1. Having contributed to other projects, you are eligible to submit a proposal for a Berlin-produced, micro-budget feature film.
  2. The submission is anonymous.
  3. Our Volunteers will make a pre-selection of the projects they most want to work on and help with.
  4. A Volunteer will act as Project Champion and work with you on a pitch.
  5. Our Donors will select from the pre-selection in a pitch event. As soon as you are selected, you can start producing your film. You keep the rights and also the responsibility of production.
  6. Our Volunteers will help you during all stages of production: creating marketing materials, accompanying and documenting the shoot, posting about the project and acquiring and audience, organize test screenings of your cut, and make connections to festivals and distributors.

You Are The Producer

You produce your film, you hold your rights. We provide money and volunteer work for marketing and distribution.

We are about getting movies made. For how to make a movie, there are any number of online and offline resources and communities where you can learn how to make films. A few of the independent communities in Berlin are, for example: