When you become a Volunteer, you help films get made that otherwise wouldn’t get made. You get them the attention they deserve, and you select which films we choose.

As a Volunteer, you can join our film studio from anywhere in the world. (You don’t need to be in Berlin.) You don’t need to know about filmmaking. As we support our projects with financing and distribution, many different skills are of use for our volunteer tasks.


  • project experience
  • professionalization: workshops, mentorships
  • networking opportunities
  • the satisfaction of having works of art made possible
  • community work on your CV
  • tax-deductable donation receipt for your work’s value


Once you have signed up and your group coordinator has welcomed you, you can simply grab any task from our task board. Most of them are small things like "feel free to use this template and post into that group to invite future members", or "in that neighborhood, ask the bakeries if they would donate bread for a film shoot; you can use these templates for that".

If you donate more than 10 hours per quarter, you automatically become a member of our Association, without further obligations. With that, you get voting rights in the Association itself, in the future projects pre-selection, and can actively champion any individual project you like.

All tasks currently available for our first and model project, the arthouse drama Haven’t Seen Birds In A While, you can find on our

Tasks Board

Example Skills

To give you an idea what kind of help we need:

  • Content Creators
    • Graphic Designers
    • Sound Artists
    • Copywriters
    • Editors
    • Musicians
    • Videographers
  • Marketing
    • Public Relations Networkers
    • Social Media Managers
    • Ad Strategists
  • Events
    • Event Managers (Film Parties, Public Pitches, Test Screenings …)
    • Presenters / Hosts (Pitches, Q&As …)
    • Logistics
  • Film Industry
    • Networking Coordinators
    • Film Market Sellers
    • Sales & Distribution Liaisons
  • Legal & Finance
    • Legal Advisors (Charity, Intellectual Property, Contracts …)
    • Finance Managers
    • Bookkeepers (not in Excel! ;)
  • Fundraising
    • Pitchers
    • Funding Researchers (Money, In-kind …)
    • Grant Application Writers
  • Association Administration
    • Data Managers / Data Protectors
    • Projects Coordinators
    • Community Managers
  • Filmmaking
    • Art Department
    • Location Liaisons
    • Line Producers (Budgeting, Scheduling …)
  • Mentors (for other Volunteers and Filmmakers)
    • Project Champions
    • Pitching Coaches
    • Marketing
    • Business
    • Sales
    • Admin
    • Legal
    • Filmmaking