With our project selection we seek to enable filmmakers, who for any reason have no access to the established film funding ways, to make their feature films.

Eligible projects, so far, are

  • feature films
  • micro-budget and
  • Berlin based, i.e. to be produced mostly in Berlin. Why we select such projects you can read about on our About Us page.

In the future, all our projects will be selected democratically by our members.

Our first and model project is the arthouse drama Haven’t Seen Birds In A While, about a day in the life of a Ukranian refugee and an immigran Peruvian worker in Berlin, written and directed by a Ukranian-Peruvian filmmaker duo. This model project, where we try and test our operations, offered itself naturally after the filmmakers got in contact with the association’s initiators, and it seemed a good match. :)